A conclusion on having switched

This is a follow-on to: Nexus 5 and Android 4.4. In a nutshell, I’m switching back in the next few months. I like the Nexus 5, I like Android, but it’s just not as mature or polished as the iOS experience. There are too many little frustrations. The hardware aspect was definitely a factor in switching; […]

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Nexus 5 and Android 4.4

For anyone who interested in such things (and there are a few of you), here’s what I think of my Nexus 5, and why I switched from iPhone. Maybe it’ll help you in deciding, if you need to, or you’re curious. Note: I originally started this back at the end of April. Since then I’ve […]

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The having of comments

It’s a tricky issue, having comments on your site; it seems straightforward but it’s actually not. For a start, you’re responsible for the comments on your site. If someone defames someone in the comments on your site, and you leave it there, you could get sued for that defamation as much as a paper publishing […]

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So, here we are, January 2012 and I’ve decided to have another stab at writing on a regular basis again. I liked putting stuff on Facebook, but it’s not really the place for longer notes, it has it’s own audience and after all it is Facebook, the mighty walled garden of the new Web. I want to work at the discipline to go at it regularly, to get my ideas out there, and even if I don’t reach Tadhg-like output levels of yesteryear, it would be good to post once or twice a week.

And since I’ve decided that coding in PHP is truly a degrading experience, I’ll hopefully spend more time writing on it than fiddling with it (which is pretty much what I did before). A not entirely unrelated issue is still, and probably will be for a long time, what to do with the old andcurve site. It’s an archive, even if I now dislike a lot of what is there, it’s nice to keep it about in some form.

Here’s to a new start.

Using Twitter

I’ve started using Twitter very recently, and although it probably seems like the sort of thing I would have been all over years ago, I actually didn’t see what I would do with it. But now I do. Twitterhttp://www.twitter.com/Twitter is a rich source of instant information. Stay updated. Keep others updated. It’s a whole thing. […]

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To steal shamelessly from the A-team: “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can get a knife, a pistol and night-vision goggles and then roam around Pakistan looking to get revenge on a terrorist mastermind in Afghanistan”

RTÉ News: American reportedly hunting bin Laden arrestedhttp://www.rte.ie/news/2010/0615/binladen.htmlPakistan authorities have detained an American armed with a dagger, a pistol and night vision goggles for allegedly trying to sneak into Afghanistan to hunt and kill Osama bin Laden.

Personally, I think he got off very, very lightly.

Just about ready

I’ve just finished the last piece of the puzzle, so to speak, which is the Facebook-style ‘Link Excerpter’. This is the feature which I was using a lot on Facebook (and the accompanying commentary which was drawing the wrath of fellow Facebook users) which I needed to reproduce on this blog. Apparently no-one had released […]

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I’m nearly there. The Internet Purgatory of having the site up, done the majority of the styling, and now I need the last two touches, which are Facebook integration and a new feature I basically pilfered (conceptually) from facebook, which I’ll have finished shortly. And best of all, I’m the only person reading this… For now.