Nobody wants to read what I write once they’ve read what I’ve written. I assuredly will write it. I also post occasionally about coding, bird-feeding, photos of things, cycling, and drawing (once in a while).

I architect and develop web systems to move data for a very big non-commercial organisation. I’d love to make something that improves the world for everyone though. Maybe one day? I live in Dublin 15 in Ireland out on the Western edge of Europe, in more privilege than I like to admit, I have a kid, I’m separated but have a wonderful new relationship, I’m a software architect and developer working remotely for a large European organisation, I like computers and information, cycling, animals, prehistoric creatures, photography, games, comics.

I’m not so young. I sometimes write on my blog. I wrote some pieces about discovering my probable neurodivergence, and also on dating, which people have found amusing. I also draw (I used to be a graphic designer) but not as often as I should, and occasionally enjoying making things.

This was my tongue-in-cheek proposed dating profile text which I’m stealing from my blog. I think it’s a good general introduction to me: “I am a bit silly but very senior and impressively dynamic at my powerful job. I restructure Europe’s data acquisition challenges. This morning I interviewed 3 candidates for a job, and I made them fight a bear. One of them helped the bear eat the other two and I hired the bear to manage him.

I’m A/B testing the liminal space between stereotypical male anxieties and tropes. There is no magic, who am I to argue. I have a head like Jeff Bezos and GDPR. You could do worse. I make great pancakes and a decent espresso. There are two types of bean in this game, and I can work both of them. Making love to me is like holding a conversation in a reverb-heavy sports-facility shower.

What connects people? Stories, how we share our lived experiences, the events that shape us, blending our collective memories, the secondary location rule. Tell me about you.”

That was meant in humour, I am in a happy relationship, I am not needing dating now. Oh yes, I’m into SciFi (Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, BSG), and some super hero genre stuff. And I used to be into role-playing games. This dovetails into what I’ll post about here shortly as the Venn diagram of Star Trek, 3D printing, role-playing games, and inclusiveness.

A few years ago I spent far too much time building servers from Raspberry Pis (those little computers that come on a credit-card-sized board), and installing Linux, trying virtualisation, and all of those shenanigans. So I will set up my own server on my broadband to run an instance of Mastodon and Pixelfed for my kid one of these days, why not.

We can be more free of The Man than we maybe realise.

Contact Kevin at kevin.teljeur [o] andcurve.com