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Imagine that! I took a photo of something I did, and posted it everywhere other than here! Self-defeating! With the caption ’I’m a Renaissance man, y’all! I’m into all of it!’ which is outrageous but I was feeling productive and outrageous after having posted photos of my cake, which is the pinnacle of achievement for me this year. I’m not that good with a sewing machine, but I do enjoy working with it. It’s a skill that I suspect is not in such wide use.

Masks. I’m making masks, having calculated that I need cotton of two different thread densities in order for it to work better, so I bought good pillowcases from IKEA and dismantled them. That’s probably an expensive crime, but anyway, it is done.

I’ve even tagged this post with ‘hubris’, so, self-awareness. I’ve grown as a person.