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On not having Asperger’s

I get stressed about dealing with people, sometimes. Very stressed. I mean, a lot of the day-to-day stuff I can deal with, it’s usually fairly predictable and routine and it’s fine, but when it falls outside of that, or if there’s some conflict which I’m not mentally prepared for, or if I say the wrong thing to someone or misjudge a social interaction, then things can get stressful, and I can get weird (to say the least). I mean, a small social interaction where I think that maybe I misjudged it or did the wrong thing, can leave me breaking out in a sweat with rising panic. I’m more aware of the grimacing and knuckle-chewing these days and flapping my arms about, so I can catch that and hide it from the world, and I have to watch out for the defensive flash of rage (and the terrible adventures that could be started as a result). Now, all of this is not nearly so bad when I have the energy and focus to intercept all of this, because then I can catch it, handle it, fix it, leave everyone happy; but what happens when I don’t? What if I’m distracted […]

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