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Some new opinions about blog/site comments from a couple of authors I value the opinion of:
Yes, the world is full of stupid assholes. »Yes, the world is full of stupid assholes. I don’t know why that is, but it’s true. Which ordinarily doesn’t bother me, except that a lot of them like to comment. I post something, and right away some asshole posts some snark.
The “no asshole comments” option post contains a few thoughts on what can be done about negative comments.

Just about ready

I’ve just finished the last piece of the puzzle, so to speak, which is the Facebook-style ‘Link Excerpter’. This is the feature which I was using a lot on Facebook (and the accompanying commentary which was drawing the wrath of fellow Facebook users) which I needed to reproduce on this blog. Apparently no-one had released such a thing until now, other than one released by a company which was clearly looking to profit from passing the link through their servers and perhaps making use of the analytics information as a profit model. Interesting, but not for me. My plugin is currently pretty crude in that it checks the content for a ‘quicktag’ on save, and replaces it with mark-up based on the arguments supplied (at a minimum, a URL, but more arguments for title and content are available). After that, you can edit the output HTML, and of course you’ll need some styles for that mark-up too. andcurve.weblog » Archive » Irish Economics Made Simple »I’m frequently (too frequently, some might say!) posting on, particularly these days in the Politics section, where you’ll find no end of interesting ideas on a) Ireland and the EU and b) Ireland’s economy. […]

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I’m nearly there. The Internet Purgatory of having the site up, done the majority of the styling, and now I need the last two touches, which are Facebook integration and a new feature I basically pilfered (conceptually) from facebook, which I’ll have finished shortly. And best of all, I’m the only person reading this… For now.