I had a dream early this morning, which was vivid and had as its premise an interesting scenario. I was on a coach (it was one of the scenarios that happens near the Dublin docklands, vaguely) with a number of other people and apparently I had signed up to do some evening work of some sort. It was undefined, but possibly difficult and it would take 8 hours or so, late at night and into the early hours, somewhere out of the city, and there was some sort of handler or contact on the bus. I ended up sitting next to him. I was saying the direction of the bus to memorise where it was going, and he was unhappy about this, and told me to stop, so I kept muttering and other things besides.

I was aware that wherever we were going, we couldn’t leave, it was remote, and also the pay wasn’t defined. This all felt wrong. Just then, on the other side of the road, I saw a number 39 bus – a bus I could take to go home! So I called to driver and demanded to pull over and let me off. He complained that the luggage compartment was locked, that he couldn’t get my stuff out, but I had it all with me on the bus! So he pulled over at a filling station and I raced off, and so did everyone else, they realised that they didn’t want to do it either! The driver and the handler guy were very unimpressed, but resigned to it.

No, I don’t know what this means. It may be a metaphor for something, but… I don’t know what.